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LMAB Tungsten Dropshot Sticks - Drop shot weights - Perch Fishing Lures

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Product information "#LMAB Tungsten Drop Shot Stick"

The young manufacturer #LMAB repeatedly draws attention to itself with its absolutely innovative products. In addition to extremely catchy baits, #LMAB also offers Terminal Tackle and Tungsten products of the best quality.

The perfect DropShot weight from #LMAB

Dropshot weights are basically not rocket science. Nevertheless, there are numerous suitable products on the market. 

#LMAB has now launched the perfect dropshot weight, the #LMAB Tungsten Drop Shot Stick Matt Black. This matte black and very slim dropshot weight is made of the best quality tungsten. Due to the extremely high density, it holds the bait reliably on the bottom and gives optimal feedback about the nature of the water bed. 

In addition, its elongated shape has a pronounced tilting effect on the assembly, which provides additional action on the bait. The matt black color has a good camouflage effect and reduces bad bites on the weight. 

A weak point of many dropshot weights is the clamping eyelet. It should hold the line reliably, but not cut it and only allow assembly if the hanger cannot be detached. 

The eyelet of the # LMAB-Weights fulfills these tasks with flying colors. It has exactly the right wire size and offers the optimal compromise between the different requirements. 

Of course, like all #LMAB Tungsten products, the Drop Shot Stick is 100% lead-free and therefore non-toxic. If you are still looking for the optimal dropshot weight for your tackle box, you will find it here. Fortunately, the weight is also available in 18 and 21 grams.

The #LMAB Tungsten Drop Shot Stick Matt Black at a glance:

• best tungsten material (tungsten)

• Clamp eyelet with barrel for maximum line protection

• extremely high density

• extra slim shape

• available in matt black

• printed weight

• in weights of 3.5; 5.3; 7.2; 10.6; 14; 18; and 21 grams available

Material: Tungsten

Fishing Type: Coarse Fishing

Type: Weights

Number in Pack: Varies

Part Type: Weight

Fish Species: northern pike,zander,Chub,Perch,Pike,Pike Perch

Brand: LMAB

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LMAB Tungsten Dropshot Sticks - Drop shot weights - Perch Fishing Lures